Monday, December 19, 2011


Cathy Meadows
M.A., Clinical Psychology
Consultant and Advocate for Targeted Individuals

If you've made a complaint, verbal or written, to anyone and shortly thereafter started to experience surveillance and harassment, you may be experiencing whistle-blower retaliation.

You may be the victim of surveillance and harassment because of your political or religious beliefs.

Maybe someone is after your property or money. If so, you could be a victim of covert surveillance and harassment.

If you initiated the break-up of a relationship, you could be the victim of surveillance and harassment.

You could be the victim of surveillance and harassment if you have intellectual property that someone wants to profit on (inventions, art works, etc.).

In essense, you could be the victim of civil rights violations for any number of reasons.

I provide professional consultations for targeted individuals who are experiencing civil rights violations. Know what you can do to minimize harassment, enhance protection, and learn to deal with the abuse with minimal losses.

The majority of targets are women.

The reason for the harassment is usually to discredit the target by making him or her appear to be emotionally unstable.

Harassment often consists of group-stalking (gang-stalking), break-ins, vandalism, harassment, bio-chemical attacks, surveillance, mind-control techniques, smear campaigns, mobbing (such as work-place mobbing), staged accidents, alienation from friends and family, and remote weapons attacks.

Often, the orders for the harassment come down from attorneys, corporations, businesses, right-wing extremist groups, churches, universities, and any other person or organization that feels threatened.

The people who are recruited into these criminal groups are often religious and political extremists, members of organized crime, and street gangs. Other recruits are young people, who are looking for acceptance, and angry, blue collar men and women. Usually, the recruits have no idea why they are harassing the target. They are told whatever it takes to get them to join in the civil-rights abuses, but are never told the whole truth. Many times, falsified police or F.B.I. reports are created and shown around by people with fake, law-enforcement identification. Even law-enforcement is lied to about the character of the target.


Consultations are based on the needs and requests of the targeted individual and can address any emotional turmoil the client is experiencing and how to deal with it. I can also advocate for the client by talking to the client's other family members, law-enforcement, attorneys, etc. after a one-hour assessment.

Rates for targeted individuals are $60.00/hour, but the length of the consultation is decided by the T.I. You can do a 30-minute session for $30.00, a 45-minute session for $45.00, etc. It is recommended that the first session be at least 60 minutes, if possible.

Call for a free consultation to assess your situation.

Cathy Meadows, M. A., Clinical Psychology